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Three Most Common Uses for Fasteners in Construction

Fasteners do what their name says; they hold things together. In construction, the most common types are nails and screws, but these aren’t used in every application. The materials being secured and strength and quality standards dictate which fastener is used for what.
1. Sub Flooring
Nails or specially designed fasteners secure sub flooring. Nails are a less expensive way to lay down the bottom layer, but they can encourage squeaks between the panels over time. Fasteners for sub flooring avoid this common annoyance.
2. Decking
Decking can become unsightly with what is called “mushrooming.” This is where bubbling in the deck material occurs around the nails that are driven in to secure it. Invisible deck fasteners avoid this and are more aesthetically pleasing.
3. Metal Roofs and Steel Applications
Metal roofing materials and steel are strong, but nails and screws can damage them. There are fasteners unique to these materials that will not harm it. They also avoid deflection when they are used on supporting edges of steel studs.
These are just some of the most common uses for fasteners. When looking for the perfect way to secure the materials used in your construction project, contact a supplier that is not only knowledgeable but also carries an unending supply of nails, screws and specialized securers. Call Ascension Fasteners in Gonzales at 225-644-5555 to see what custom options we have for you.