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How Fasteners Are Identified by Category

The world of fasteners is unexpectedly complex. With so many applications, these simple tools come in all sorts of varieties. One easy way to identify fasteners is to organize them by category.
The Common Screws
You’ve probably seen a wood screw lying around your house. With their pointy ends and smooth shanks, these fasteners are designed for use in wood. The similar machine screws have long threads and blunt ends for use in a tapped hole or with a nut. Finally, sheet metal screws are a fully threaded variety that have a sharp point for use in sheet metal.
Special Applications
For jobs where your basic screws and bolts won’t do, there are more specialized varieties of fastener. For example, flange bolts have a flat flange under their heads for jobs where you need to distribute the load, as you would do with a washer. Eye bolts and J bolts have loops for attaching lengths of rope or chain, while U bolts can be used to secure pipe and other objects with rounded surfaces. If you want to create a pivot point, a shoulder bolt will get the job done.
With so many possibilities out there, it’s important to know what categories of fastener you need. To learn more about different kinds of fasteners, call Ascension Fasteners in Gonzales at 225-644-5555.