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Galvanized Versus Stainless Steel Fasteners

Fasteners are part of every maker or contractor’s toolbox. Chosen wisely, they can create a strong link between components. By rushing through your purchase, you could be spending too much money for something you don’t really need or not enough to meet your project’s requirements. Whether you’re building a robot or a building, here are few of the pros and cons of galvanized versus stainless steel fasteners.
Advantages of Galvanized Steel
  • Greatest range of materials strength
  • Prices range from inexpensive to moderate
  • Zinc layer provides a measure of protection from the elements
Considerations for Going Galvanized
  • Outer zinc coating is susceptible to scratch, and in turn, rust
  • Poor choice for marine environments
Advantages of Stainless Steel
  • Homogenous all the way through, so no worries about wear and tear
  • Martensitic types are especially strong and durable
  • Austenitic types can resist a high level of strain and provide some of the best corrosion resistance
Considerations for Going Stainless
Low carbon content makes it weaker than some traditional steel varieties
Typically more expensive than galvanized options, so be sure stainless is what you really need
As you can see, there’s no “one size” approach to choosing a fastener. Much depends on your project’s budget and needs. To dig into more of the aspects of stainless steel and galvanized fasteners, call Ascension Fasteners in Gonzales at 225-644-5555.